Sunday, December 20, 2009

Via Anchor...

The sea is a sheet I want to sleep underneath, beyond the mountains, that are jagged broken bones of locusts.
I feel the undertow pull my spirit out through my toes, it's shallow near solid ground, but it's deep where the sun goes down.
Don't you worry darling, the tide will take us home, it won't feel as though its been 6years living on sunlight.
Retreat to your hole, you left your fangs outside the trap door, so I carried the thread past the poor, I left a trail from the source, now when the village burns, it knows where to turn.
The old man magician, drew his ink, with the symbolic superstition, of all that was there before, and proceeded with protection. He sees the devil on Tv, and he sees the devil in material things.
We wear our face like there's something better, when it's from a mould we were chosen to own. Now for our bodies, to who do we owe? We are children of the stars, and its not just light in the sky, it's a dark sheet with tiny holes. You never existed in this world, it was just my imagination, because mine can create adoration.
The shadow was of a cross, but the man was just bones, so we all threw stones, the exploding dust were the memories, of all the philosophies, right infront of me.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I'm a modern day Hamlet with a back full of daggers,
Pretty pissed off so mind your manners.


The celebration has begun,
The strangers cram into the room,
With thoughts of dark at noon.
Silk streaks across the empty space,
The space that was left with haste.
Show me how to live like you,
Show me how to live, I'd like to.
Sunsets sprawl across the landscape,
Deserts scream, unwillingly of course,
They scream the dreams you wish upon,
They scream the silence you know too well.
Upon entering this world sanity is set,
Into stone, set in our souls, set in our bones.
Who really knows the truth?
We'll expand our mind and test our strengths,
Face fears underneath moonlit silk on lakes,
And spend the night carved into trees.
Lust and love are failing as the moments pass,
As moments fade, we fade away,
Slow and steep is the descent to freedom.
Salvation seems unique.
We find ourselves inside.
We find what we need in shadows.
We'll dance on islands made of lies.

Do You Wanna Dance...

You're just the girl all the boys want to dance with,
And I'm just the boy who's had too many chances.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Take your baggage away from me, take your thoughts to some other dream fiend. I am not your friend, we were lovers and now it ends. You should've come over, when it rained on me. Selfishness won't get you what you need, and what you want is confused. A tiny actress pretending to be, something from a story book from across the sea. From long ago, and now the long will be lonely. Play the part you're good at, and we'll pretend you are amazing. Separation is divine, when it's evident sometimes. Letting go can be easier than experience tells you. Left to your own devise, self-obliterating, imploding on your own shadow. If these walls could talk, we'd converse about delusion and desperation. I have a conscience, but this is beyond myself. I am not your keeper. With your mind so preoccupied, what is fact and what is fiction? Your Mother came to my Mother, and to her Mother, in a dream. There is no place good for you, when the next imposition cradles your head, don't let it go. There is no place good for me, when you live within its boundaries. Hang me out, hanging out. Operation greyhound, mountains, fields, farms, pubs, bars, guitars, territories & borders begin. Let it ride on my mind. Let me ride on the line. Let it now begin. Now I want to change my name.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sun Sets On Battle Fields...

I don't want to severe all the ties, to your mind. I'm not the same in your eyes, I'm not the same in mine. General assume control. Here goes one last push which the brave know will end in disaster. I am my own creator, and I am my own demise. I am the undermining of myself.
The little box of dust, that houses the man that half created me, is the only thing that's certain. At least I know he's not going anywhere. I am the reason he never came home.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just To Keep That Electricity On...

A girl I once loved,
She shone like the sun,
Now she is a city,
Without her lights on.
I hear her in the trees,
She is the storm,
And she is the city,
With no lights on.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


There's history in this road,
That mimics the coast.
Southern reaching, Western sprawling,
London Bridge falling, but lighthouses' most.
Sand-swept sea snakes crawling,
Seaweed green bay, shell scattered welcome mat.
Salt rich underwater canyons,
Freight ships, ship wrecks, pirate cannons.
Sun setting high on the horizon line.


Shifting sand, you useful mover,
Crumbling rock, you eat it for breakfast,
You angry tide, you're never tired,
You globetrotting currents, you adaptor,
You creator, you destroyer,
Your monumental momentum,
You endless cycle.
We must be born from you; we must be of you,
Your weapon- liquid bricks,
Your victim- solid things,
You vast mass of undiscovered,
You plank stripper, soul ripper, treasure sinker,
Your face is a desert,
Below you are what we are on land,
You sunlight sister, moonlight brother,
You chameleon, you rely on sky for colour,
You deceiver, you two faced unreadable sheet,
Glistening and deep.

Friday, June 5, 2009

There's Nothing I Wouldn't Give...

I will pretend that I remember that I am writing for you, and that you will read it. I will write you letters that I will never post.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


The air is crisp like the breeze off of ice capped seas, a woman next door raises her voice, and the birds nest higher. Blades of grass hold the waters' weight, and the dirt is darker than yesterday. I need you more than 4 days a week, when convenience is not an issue. When the rains fall, I know you enjoy this weather, and you know I do too. Your skin, smooth like the porcelain in my Mothers cupboard. You are a living doll, in the winter, in a grey coat. You are everything I say, and everything you don't think you are.
"Tell your Father that, that you're mine, and I swear we'll run away".. I will take you to the docks, I will take you to the runway, I will take you to the station, I will take you...
I will leave education to the ones who dream of Harvard and Oxford.
I will leave art to the snobs that pointlessly critique work that is unique in every stroke, like the artists fingerprint, trying to explain expression, trying to judge the inexplainable.
I will leave music for the ones that only think of money and sales.
I will leave where you know I am so that you won't.
I will labour on farms. I will fall in mud. I will have leather hands, I will have no finger prints. I will hitch hike, I will travel. I will drink, I will talk and I will walk. I will smoke a pipe. I will not have a bank account. I will work for food. I will wear worn sole-less leather boots. I will sleep on a mattress on a floor in a bare room. I will chop wood with a blunt axe. I will live where business men can't find me. I will live where men of God can't find me. I will live where isolation can.
I will live where there are no taxes. I will live where there is no Government in reach of me. I will live where there is no tv. I will live where there is no news. I will not have a woman. I will not have children. I will have no connection to anything connectable.
I will not dream but I will sleep. I will stoke fires. I will be a ghost in the towns I pass, and I will be a ghost in the ghost town of my mind...
Here is where you will find me.
I will disappear in another country, in different clothes, in different shoes, with different people, among interesting faces, and different trees. I will live where the mountains meet the sea. And where the leaves are just as beautiful detached from trees.
I will not have a grave, I will not have a stone. Because no one will know, where I lived and died alone.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ships Sink...

The lights in your street, coated and warmed me, for the slightest of moments. I couldn't feel my fingers, my hands or my arms. The cold wheel felt non-existent. When I received the signal I left my secrets, and hopes, and hard work on the side of the road, there, near the path to your door. Leading to the mat I have become. My own shoes wear me down, trying to clean themselves pointlessly, considering I will walk the same trail I just returned from. Now I will leave without destination and with no defenses. The jetty, the pier, the dock, is the place that I leave land. I cannot abandon, the ship has sailed. You are the compass. Out here there is no post. I sail your seas in the opposite direction. A whirlwind twilight and tornado swept sea spray, chills my bones.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Father FortyNineOhNine...

The fields are flat and empty,
It's bounty is underground,
The moon is full, humming like a neon light,
The window has no walls, it's not there,
Did you ride the iron horse?
Does the road own you now?
Is every part of that tree you,
And a little of me?

I heard you whispered through the breeze,
And through the sea, to your brother,
I heard you held back the storm,
If I dropped the line, would it hit the bottom?
If I caught you, would you have forgotten?
That you had died?

I remember you without a face,
White cotton wrapped, like Egyptian Kings,
Though you slept in wood, and not in stone,
You had no fancy clothes, no fancy gold,
But you still ruled my earth, you rule my dreams,
You are still, my distant King.


Canada is calling me,
To where I've never been,
Where everything is beautiful,
In its time of dying.

Friday, May 15, 2009


All the smoke you breathe in, will be,
Mixed with the air breathed out, by me.
All the waters, dam and flow,
And fill the hull, that sat too low.
You never know, when time seems to pass,
Until you see it, in a photograph,
You can never go back again,
Only the memory, will let you, now and then.
All the mountains, will drop their stone,
And raise the land, on all our bones,
After all this time has gone,
We will be, where we, belong.

Friday, April 24, 2009

What Other People Said...

We join spokes together in a wheel,
but it is the center hole
that makes the wagon move.

We shape clay into a pot,
but it is the emptiness inside
that holds whatever we want.

We hammer wood for a house,
but it is the inner space
that makes it livable.

We work with being,
but non-being is what we use.
- Lao Tzu

It's my belief that history is a wheel. 'Inconstancy is my very essence,' says the wheel. Rise up on my spokes if you like but don't complain when you're cast back down into the depths. Good times pass away, but then so do the bad. Mutability is our tragedy, but it's also our hope. The worst of time, like the best, are always passing away.
- Boethius (Anicius Manlius Severinus)

"If I should ever die, God forbid, let this be my epitaph:
- Kurt Vonnegut

"If I can't dance to it, it's not my revolution."
- Emma Goldman

"Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous."
- Albert Einstein

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."
- Aldous Huxley

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm not good at biting my tongue, I bite hard but not hard enough to cut it in half. I really need to work on that. Give me some practice? My eyes are getting tired. I have no calculations on paper. There are no myths, or fables, or fancy heroics, or love, or lust, or death, or birth, or forests, or wild cats, or poetry, or truth, or folklore, or sketches of sweethearts and beasts here. This is a story in my mind, with infinite pages. I cannot bare to wander through tall and heavy letters on one side, and not continue to the next, but this will be never ending. Maybe I'll get lost like counting sheep and then my body will let me sleep. Maybe my astrology is right and Dragons will have problems with insomnia this year. I have tiny snakes moving around inside of my head. LET'S HISS LIKE DIAMOND BACKS. Or a rattlesnake rattling my skull, rattling my bones, its fangs in my jaw.
I'm sinking in a Sanskrit sandpit, I have a hunger for history at the moment. Tell me long forgotten things. Tell me things from long before electricity, long before cars, long before Ghandi was assassinated, long before Columbus thought he was in India, long before Temüjin was Kahn. Tell me it all, lets start at the beginning. I need to go backwards to go forwards. The more I learn about before my birth the more I understand everything around me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Old Man & His Dog...

Today I saw an old man barely walking his dog, barely walking his old dog, barely walking his old, scruffy, small dog. Barely walking together. Even the lead was old and joined to another. Khaki cardigans and leather slip-ons. He looked lost on a footpath he's probably walked a thousand times before, not lost as in directions, just lost as in he had no where to go or nothing to do. Just floating past all these people that swagger with purpose and reason, places to go, people to see. I wonder if anyone sees him? Or his faithful companion? Who's probably seen as many interesting things through the years as his Master. I don't wanna know what it is to get old.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Winter Coat...

My visits are more than welcomed,
Grandma asked me, "where's your energy gone?",
I told her it ran away with wolves,
And is hiding in the barest woods,
Hibernating until the winters' end,
That's where my energy was sent,
That is where the winter's spent.

Reciprocate Reality...

Within the woods and heights, where we lost the white dress,
The gorge swallowed the line, and left the rest,
We ran across slippery rock, and climbed over moss,
Where sticks are swept, and solar orbs are lost,
I remember the smells, dry grass and wattles,
Like a message scribbled, lets put our memories in bottles,
Cork the top and we'll save them, for years to come,
Where I can sit with you, and drink them up,
I miss our laughs and living carefree,
I miss you like you miss me.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Driftwood Did Good...

Linger slow, the burning ghost,
Telling me less, no truth you spoke,
Drink my heady wine, I am the host,
Lost deep in poetry eyes, your soul awoke...
Now we can talk freely.
Linger in the middle old soul,
Don't rush in, rush out & fold,
Weary eyes don't cry don't lie,
Rest my turning head & wonder why,
Ponder signs of special times...
Now I'll sleep gently.
Little one you worry so,
It will pass, with windy rain swept river flow,
Flowers will whither & everyone you know will die,
Don't cry, don't sigh, little one, just try...
While you have little bones for feet.
Drive the line straight down the pines,
Earth & moon, weep through the tides,
Can you hear the call, hear the horn,
The animals are gathering, animals are born,
Listen to the echoes at the end of logs,
Pick my scent, feed your dogs...
From dark & water, now I'm born again.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Patch Your Tribe...

Hate to wake, with a cold you can't cure,
Flap your arms & clap your wings,
You can't fly away from most of this,
Clip your roses & trim away the pretty things.
The spaces I often want you to fill,
Are no longer vacant, they've been booked out,
Deposits paid by memories, I just pretend,
Something warm is there instead,
Replacing thoughts of you, as if you'd care,
You'd say it to all the others too,
I'm the fool, entertain the Court, perform for your King,
Ring my bells & fire pistols, let the explosions ring,
Revolt, SING! Collapse, SING!
Touching strings that make sounds so sweet,
Give you comfort when you can't win,
Give you warmth without the heat,
Give you light not bright but dim.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Randomology #2...

Her lips paint the dream that keeps repeating. Her eyes are full, like full moons, & pretty, like lilies. Her hair whips my face like nine tails, I bet her soul could hammer nails. And in the full moon of May, it could flower in soils barren.
What this may warrant is nothing to the next man on the street. Souls are beat, & the meat of their feet helps them leap, & climb steep, but they don't know. The man on the train, tucked his laces in & smiled, but he wasn't fooling. His eyes were sad & lonely, not to mention his ragged tweed. His energy was lost & wandering the outskirts of nowhere places. In his youth he had broken chains & swallowed rains, stomped through mud & given up. But it's different now, because he's had enough.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I need to make another recovery, so come on, devestate me.
Do your worst & get my best, stick a heart right in my chest.
Its generously beating to the tribal drum & all the beats between. My soul is gently soaring so don't fuck it up now.
I can't explain the feeling. My feet are cold, this skin doesn't help.
Everything is lopsided maybe its sinking down one end, I know the garden has.
Make it level on the next level & enter the seventh through several entrances.
Your entrance may cause some tensions, but it's okay the grey suited man's mustache will talk it out with the others.
He'll smooth the paving laying marble over sandstone, he'll make the exit uncluttered & clear, & save the day when you choke on the words your mouth doesn't want to speak.
But your mouth will slip & you'll say something regrettable one day, & you'll be left to your own device to salvage the rest amongst the damage. I need the death of ego because I cannot imagine leaving 'this' all behind and that breeds fear.
Come on rain clouds, storm for me, storm forward, storm the warning, storm the flood, storm my blood, stir my unborn son. Tear the rivers from my insides and wear down rock. Shape, shift, slip, slide, slice & carve corridors. Ravage & savage, manage & damage, bandage my landing & dam my standing, I won't move & I won't budge. At least I don't want to.
There's too many familiar places & similar faces at the end of mazes & concreted spaces. I will make my own on paper, & pen things unseen. I will imagine them first & then wear my dreams. I will drape your skin in things sewn from subconsciousness, & shake what you thought you knew from your head to your toes. Lets all sleep upside down.


Information situation conversation palpitation replication explanation examination revelation left the station.


Sundays' sundown,
The sky & mountain showdown.


You are a good story.
With the prettiest pictures.


I've given up on the hunt.
I couldn't catch your trust.
So now I'll collect dust.


Been told "just let it go",
So I let it go,
A while ago.
"Why's it gone?"
I set it free,
Now you see?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Harvest Me...

I am the son of crops long forgotten,
Wrapped in foreign cotton.


Solar son of a cosmic magnate,
Radiates from the poles & magnets,
A Polish son of a suitcase migrant,
With a war time migraine..
Who fell in love with a dying siren.


This is mother nature,
The beast dressed in beauty,
Wrapped in thick scenery,
Concealed & deceiving.
As fire breathed,
A thousand demons,
Climbing trees.
Cracked faceless porcelain,
Buckled steel & twisted iron.
This is mother nature in charge of hell.

I Dreamt Last Night...

I dreamt of cotton snow blowing,
And twirling floating flowers imploding,
Turning into bright lights, an atom expanding,
Growing bigger, no room left for standing,
I said it was ancient, this ancient data engraving,
Been going on forever, forever going on,
And then it faded away...
The multi-coloured rings that couldn't stay today.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Kills Thrills...

Why do blue birds sing,
Outside my window?
I don't deserve such beauty,
It is not their duty.

Bird Play...

The visiting magicians,
Bred red evil pigeons,
And created monsters,
With cross-thread stitches.

Dreamtide 3:23...

Since the birth of the Sun & Moon,
Conception of the tide,
And death of the tired,
We all turn circles in time.
Deaf man, blind man,
All rains fall in a lifetime,
But unlike wine, it'll come from a dead vine,
On the throne of Kings,
Gushing from the mouths of Gods,
In myths & legends & lightning rods.
Where wolves rest in the forests magic,
A full moon werewolf marriage,
Where dust stirs & Pharaohs died,
We all meet around the Suns in the sky.
With no worldly possessions,
Old or new, kept or wasted,
We are ALL ancient.

Archetypes Of Dreams...

Forgive the animal in me,
But it is the same in you,
The great archetypes of dreams....

My mind is not clear, I need rest, meditation, relaxation. At least I have music for my soul. I expand out of my body and into the sound. It breeds joy, love & lust through my blood, for that moment I am alive between worlds. Feed me the ether, and infinite knowledge, sweet sounds of the universe.

Wide eyed with a child's mind,
I have a sweet tooth for you.

Beauty Magnitude...

Mother nature, the ageless beauty,
Who does not wither, who does not whine,
How does it feel to have no sense of time?
I lay here with wonder, in rain I ponder,
Do I sense frustration in the thunder?
And shiny anger flexed from the lightning bow?
For what is the purpose? I do not know,
You strike the trees & split your children,
Your water drowns the land,
Gushing from the mouths of Gods,
I do not curse your wisdom, for it is what's best,
But you never sleep, you never rest,
You're infinite like the universe,
A creator and destroyer in an endless moment,
Your instinct is strong & power great,
Do you alone control this worlds' fate?
Working in perfect unison with the Sun & Moon,
Your Mother & Father, do they meet at noon?
In contrast so far apart, but like perfect balance,
They meet in the middle.

Castle Cove...

The ships gained speed,
With their sails high,
To the shipwreck coast,
To Castle Cove,
Where dinosaurs lie.


If you like these words I'm flattered,
But I can't put your thoughts in my jacket,
They're better lost & left alone,
Like the dreams of your children.

Spirit Wolf...

They returned with the storm,
With the scalps they warned,
That the spirits of wolves had helped them.

Cosmic Calamity...

Tree branch hollows,
Serpents reaching for the stars,
Shining asphalt and mist of linen,
Hide sprawling shadows, as one, as self,
Yet another.
The two make one, and I the third,
The spectator, the observer of nature,
Oh, how nature cares for its children,
We care not of that which we have no power,
That which can destroy the hour,
No sense of time, yet living,
And our emphasis on time, yet standing still,
I have not an age,
I am merely a fragment of infinite knowledge,
Expanding in an infinite moment,
I am motion in a never ending moment.

Sit With Me, A Balcony 6-Stories...

6:26 with sweet dreams of morning,
I'll take the backseat & watch the dawn,
As my body's yawning, my final warning,
The walls are creaking & closing in,
I'll escape through the vent in the ceiling,
But the tight fit is the worst feeling,
Say hello, my little friend, with a flick of your tail,
It's nice to meet you, now follow poison trails,
Would you mind if I thought of you?
When my eyes get heavy, the cold weight of lead,
Pressing against the question, would you even care?
Like the person that cared for you?


The Slow Motion Grace Of What Has Been.

Thoughts For Nancy...

Poor old Nancy's all alone,
Hughey's gone, he packed his soul,
It plays on my mind, I have to tell,
I miss him too,
Though I didn't know him well.


As lovely as you are,
Age will drain your pride,
And wear your face,
In the masked parade,
Fooling the next stranger.

Son Of Fiction...

I am a son of fiction,
Someone that doesn't feel real,
A son of a man I've never met,
Or know,
But he is with me now.
I am available to you & the universe,
Drain me, Take me, Free me, Give it all to me,
My mind is more open than ever,
I am vulnerable, use me,
Take advantage of me,
I've never felt this way before,
I am flowing in time,
No plans, no path,
Whatever will be, will be,
And I am open to the possibilities,
Because I am nothing now.

Missing What I Know...

I am nothing now,
I am no one in this town,
And as I linger in the old,
I am ignorant of the new,
I am my own confusion,
Permitting homesick poetry,
Longing for 'her' kind of company,
And the company I cannot find,
I am a ghost & this is not my town.

Desert Desire...

Fire from 10 suns melts the eagles wings,
The deserts' lust & love crackles & sings,
In the summers pink skies and shifting cloud,
The train tunnel echo of the thunder sound,
Cracks the whip & horses gallop,
Thick black maine of Stallion, form the mountain.

Floating Home...

I packed all I had & left my town,
The one I love so.
I turned my back & watched the road grow,
It grew bigger than me,
It grew bigger than you.
Now everything reminds me of home,
The familiar sounds stored in your throat.
Take me back, tell me news,
Eat my food & drink my booze,
Take me dreaming.

Bits & Pieces...

We'll fold at our weakest join,
And break at our strongest point.

But worst yet,
My timing is worst at best.

All you lonely ones,
Lonely like the silence of strangers.

The undertow pulls my spirit out through my toes.
And with my spirit the ocean sinks boats.

I hear the ghosts in the static,
Saying "Run Run RUN!",
So I run until my acids' lactic,
Until the cramps turn drastic,
And hot like melted plastic.

Let go of control, a long time ago,
Something of mine that's been denied,
I remember I applied,
But it's been a long time.

We channel our energy through the expansion of free will,
Waiting for the chance of freedom,
Fleeting and waiting in silent prophecy,
Fleeting moments of black crows,
Red in the night, a murder a murder,
Grasping shadows dancing,
Behind these eyes you call so pretty,
Waiting in the silence, waiting in the chamber,
Chambers map our mind & heart,
Through the fields where wild things grow.

I just stand by and plug in the mikey,
Into my own head and perform for my psyche.

Comfort Skin...

The tangled feet,
In lovers sheets,
With fingers linked,
The lovers think,
The night will last forever.

Only You...

I only have eyes for you,
In a crowded room.
Times two.

That Summer...

Under the comfort of home away from home,
Just you and I, just you and I,
And white sparks that blanket the sky,
How did this ever happen?
When all I thought about was willows in the water,
And the moonlight sheet on the river snakes skin,
Instead I caught your eyes, blue as summer,
Hair as gold as sand, and hands as small as mine,
I wanna get to know you, and hold you,
Like that summer.