Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Life = Nature = Murder = Nature = Life

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Phosphorus Fetalaterrus...

when your chin points up in thought
she asks what is this sky you speak of
separating my heaven from my son
it wants to fall down synchronized for gold
like your smile all those childyears ago
if you think life is bad you'll be sorry son
"it's just that this world is mad" says your ma'
"everyone's got worries ain't no one got none"
all is not frozen eternal of our portrait in the hall
one day you'll have no family no more
she says the world is your creation
projection through present perception
you are a whale shark, a lions mane
the dark, insane
what you may be as bold to imagine
but this could also be a dream
prolonged life relies on your ability to sleep in
death is the result of an alarm clock
the cycle, the rotation
the fraction inside the equation
the earthquake of your mindstate
welcome to the inside of the light bulb
tame your bones while you're young, son
tame your stones you valley grave soil
blame the homes you cultured one
please dream of Pasadena bungalows

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Accident Exorcist...

[work in progress]

I was thrust into blinding pristine unimagined chaos
sound    colour    warm breast    clean death
dumblocked with lips sewn, everything is new
and there are giants, foreign creatures laying me down!
down on cold cotton in ironic glass coffin (cradle to the grave)
no warm Egyptian threading breeding readiness for gluttony
falling diamond tears sizzling crisp clear breathing
Kew window sills bathing new born babies
sound, excruciating
I fit snug in the clutches of my fathers hands
like a pebble from the beach or a grain of sand
no need to speak just yet no thoughts of life nor death
no ego devouring consciousness
Picasso observed with infant eyes imprinting stillness and movement in frames
my parents heads are made of squares and hair like flames


green flat forest crushed under knee and palm
I'm Goliath in Galena feel my wrath
the witches pointing fingers at my frail figure - splat
giddy up Sasha white armored stallion, it's time to go to battle
for chocolates, Grandma and Mr.Aruba's lolly jar
to win the war of innocent eternity
King of cardboard castle higher than backdeck tree skeleton arms
in leafy outreach 60 feet, ruling land with iron fist
a sorcerer scepter petrified serpent from Africa
parting earthly crusted doors with minor universal disturbance
releasing quaking steaming secret sovereign silent armies
in the orange glow of the armory furnace
workers slaving steel on anvils for shields and swords
that keep death at arms reach, for King to reign in peace
(not then would it have been conceived that doom was to come to the dynasty so soon)


I've been left wishing I could steal fathers forgotten over 23 years
folded and carried in my pockets as notebooks
bleeding ink seeping through pant seams and skin into blood stream fueling the guilt
the crushing regret    the loss    the preventable (the maybe)    the insanity
- o despair
distressed and stretched
like wishbones under marble Davids
the steel globe overlooking Dili on the back of an ant

Monday Mumblings...

I miss soft thighs and hip bones
the kind of lips that sink ships
the late night saliva exchange
with only tongues to guide us