Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ships Sink...

The lights in your street, coated and warmed me, for the slightest of moments. I couldn't feel my fingers, my hands or my arms. The cold wheel felt non-existent. When I received the signal I left my secrets, and hopes, and hard work on the side of the road, there, near the path to your door. Leading to the mat I have become. My own shoes wear me down, trying to clean themselves pointlessly, considering I will walk the same trail I just returned from. Now I will leave without destination and with no defenses. The jetty, the pier, the dock, is the place that I leave land. I cannot abandon, the ship has sailed. You are the compass. Out here there is no post. I sail your seas in the opposite direction. A whirlwind twilight and tornado swept sea spray, chills my bones.

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