Thursday, December 29, 2011

Not Much, Just Some Integrity!...

Following, following, following.. just, following.
Are there no soul explorers left in this world?
You lowly wandering nobodies make your own decisions!
Your ignorance is unattractive, and your interests do not interest me, for they are just the interests of those that fake interests, because it seems interesting..  until something new comes along.
You fucking soulslaves of fashion. Get outta 'ere!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Sequence of Events...

Suede at the Holiday Inn, don't step on my blue suede moods
A token for my grandfather at home, who might die alone
I have five cents in my lip, a quarter in my cheek, and wayfarers in my pocket
In a window bridal vail overlooking hundreds of yellow and red fireflies
dancing to departure amidst my last Victorian night
The page is lit green from a neon palm tree I imagined in Vegas
Carneverous metal birds! And denim blue waters of Northern California, I can smell the West Coast frontier blues through the blood in my nose

I'm so science, so weird, a sphere. In my mattress sanctuary, coming down, down on life! My own experiment. Will gumballs tell my fortune? Of a mutual night writer mind rider? I survived on what was bad for me, it provided my existence. How long could I keep that up? There's 8 billion other she's Honey, don't try so hard it's unattractive
You drag the world behind your chain. See the sea! The sea sees the colour green, how can you not?
We are masters of direction and gut instinct

Who was Zenatillian? Although her name was Melanie it was Alice all week. I'll learn accordion for anarchists and fireflies! Hand me that mountain banjo you soulful drunk, teach me how to play my blues, I'll play them for you

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

[a work in progress]...

can you hear the lands of the lamb cry?
echoes in the golden cup of one blood
the gentle crepuscule skylines
in some Abrahymnic dream

in the new world of my birth
who decides kings? and who is crucified?

Oh, Sleep!...

i love that feeling of being half asleep and half awake, not cold, not hot, just right. Sticking a leg out or rolling over, like being dipped in silver sleep returning back to your dream like it was on pause behind your eyelid cinemax screens

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My Compass Is Lost...

the mirrors are shattered
the smoke has cleared
we know what matters
so what's going on here?

i need some revelation!
an angel in a tree
a ghost at the station
just somebody fucking tell me!

Exist? Really?...

The difference between Right and Wrong is yourself, and the world is only really what it is to your own eyes. Every revolution is an example of people physically and mentally realising their deepest knowing of what is Right and what is Wrong, each and every one of us have this ability. For those saying "oh yes, but revolutions are violent, and violence is wrong"... With complicated subjects there are always some sort of contradiction, but I agree that violence is not 'Right' in the traditional sense BUT if you have a country with a powerful military force obliterating another that cannot defend itself you cannot expect them to do nothing, to not fight for their Right of freedom, all be it if all other avenues have failed. It is the world we live in, the world we have created, which may make some more sense soon.
Yet we have become accusmtomed to disappointment, to the less-than-average, to mediocrity, we just shrug it off with a "there's nothing I can do" "oh well next time it will be better" attitude.
This world needs one small change- to Love, for Love always wins. It takes much more energy to harbour fear and hate, it will drain you like a sponge through a keyhole. The wildest tiger doesn't hate, it just is what it is. But we have the power of thought and free will, and in the reality of our ultimate existence no law can imprison us from what we already know, what is engrained in each and every one of us - that our creation of the world is exactly that, just a creation. It is not what life really is!
The propoganda of power. We are all chained of mind, prisoners of a New World fiction. The people in suits and ties, chasing the big house the new car, the money, the new gadgets, they have forgotten what it truly exist. To truly exist is to be truly free. But how do we become truly free in this overbearing world we have built around our worst ideas, our greediest ambitions? It takes just one domino to knock down thousands, every individual making one change, one ultimate decision, and we could be free.
We have enslaved ourselves, we are all slaves. Even the people whom make the law, make the rules, make the money are slaves, slaves to their own false reality, their own false meaning of life and of fulfillment. They think they control the fools, when they themselves are the fools. You will decay while your house remains, the worms of death do not discriminate!
Are you scared to realise we are not free? That you won't die Martin Smith, CEO with an 8 digit bank account and a beautiful wife, but die a SLAVE of the world?

Are you scared? ... You should be

*The name I have used does not represent a particular person in mind, if there is a similarity it is purely coincidential.

Music of Bill Hicks- Bill Hicks - Moon Is Smiling...

I had to post this song, I've been listening to it alot lately.
The guitar playing is beautiful, the song just feels totally balanced.
It rests like a heavy weight on my heart filling my body with those golden summers that melted over my skin inch by inch, fresh water streams with that crisp mountain smell filling your lungs with the exhalation of God, the bluest sky of my childhood eyes, and my mothers warmest hug.
The man was a 20th century prophet, and a 1990s arcangel.

I Am Gardener...

I am a gardener of life. Letting my garden flourish and grow, then trimming it back for the new buds, the new growth. Weeding out the contagion of acquiantances to a quality patch of friends. Composting the accumulating drudgery, bullshit, and trivial matters of the world to better suit a purpose; to feed the good my garden has to offer. I am a gardener of life.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Only the people that want change, support and facilitate change, and can accept change, will be prepared for change, for change is enivitable.
You will be left behind. The end of the known world will be a new beginning for these people. The end of the known world will be chaos to those that do not understand this, and they will be their own downfall. Not ours anymore.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

She Said She Is She Was, No More...

she said life was boring
with her socks on, in bed
there's someone watchin me
watchin you, watchin TV
but she's careless with her chances
they are hangin', from her necklace
with the wishes she wastes
she wastes too many
does she really want that lion?
she knows he'll never love her
so she goes and drinks the ocean
tries to drown a fire, on her own
like she is just a cup
she needs a watch
to stop her rush

you know, that girl's in danger
and now, I'm just a stranger
take me back to the womb
to the true Eden

her faces of pleasure
still haunt me, in the night time
now my feet are waging war
with the sheets and I
just can't beat the heat
like a moth to a flame
get too close and I incin-erate
stop trying to sell me
saliva, sex, and sedatives
you're gonna find yourself
on your back, in the midnight morgue
one disaster after another
thinkin I might be a saviour
but some things, you just can't keep
some things, you just can't keep
some things

now let it go let it go let it go let it go
start it going
if a war's goin on in your head
it's up to you who wins it

let it go let it go let it go let it go

Thursday, December 8, 2011


i'd drape you in silk like you were a feather
no one will have touched you better
i am your undertaker

Ah Inferno, Agh To Hell With It...

 the crimson fog
the cursed snakes in eyes of midnight dogs
earthquake paws
claws as sharp as persian swords
reborn rabid damned and..
large as lords, roaming sore
old as dust and kingdom come
where earth gets hot ,they sleep no more!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

tonight, like every other night...

my child is banging bum notes
out of that piano in the corner
will he grow up and need an ark
for when his eyeballs bust?
i hope he will remember
the slatefoot kitchen games
and how his father loved him

my dog is dead.

will you be shrouded and feature free
your face still worn by trees
guarded like some holy secret
foreign to my sight forever
small reminders remaining
in my daily reflections
my only map
my only directions
how can it ever feel less
than half of me is missing
have I killed a man?
the question is a sentence of its own
no matter how much reason
i'll never really  know

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Nook...

as the tender sun bore down upon your golden threads
melting milky golden hours from your dress
sudden sprung paradise, right from your head!
your garden halo's birth now be your quest

to tred no flower heavy
lordy, it needs to sway steady

love the jagged blades
of mountain spines placing shades

lordy, love the lakes
bathe your jasmine babies!

hail o! the beauty, o hail!
to glimpse this heaven
I believe, o hail!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

all you marbling hearts...

do you have not eyes! nor ears!
we are tired, our sorrow lays with you!

Friday, December 2, 2011

you are careless with your pennies
they are hangin from your necklace
instead of free for fountains
and the wishes you waste
too many
are you sure you want that lion?
you know he'll never love you
he'll leave you on your side
when flesh ceases to be fresh
so you'll drink the ocean
try to drown a fire on your own
like you are just a cup
you need a watch to stop the rush
or you won't last
twice as fast