Friday, April 3, 2009

Bits & Pieces...

We'll fold at our weakest join,
And break at our strongest point.

But worst yet,
My timing is worst at best.

All you lonely ones,
Lonely like the silence of strangers.

The undertow pulls my spirit out through my toes.
And with my spirit the ocean sinks boats.

I hear the ghosts in the static,
Saying "Run Run RUN!",
So I run until my acids' lactic,
Until the cramps turn drastic,
And hot like melted plastic.

Let go of control, a long time ago,
Something of mine that's been denied,
I remember I applied,
But it's been a long time.

We channel our energy through the expansion of free will,
Waiting for the chance of freedom,
Fleeting and waiting in silent prophecy,
Fleeting moments of black crows,
Red in the night, a murder a murder,
Grasping shadows dancing,
Behind these eyes you call so pretty,
Waiting in the silence, waiting in the chamber,
Chambers map our mind & heart,
Through the fields where wild things grow.

I just stand by and plug in the mikey,
Into my own head and perform for my psyche.

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