Wednesday, January 13, 2010

God Was On Holiday When He Created Me...

My monotonous anatomy, my bland vocal branchless tree, drown my tongue with wine, let's tell the truth about a lie, lets just hide. Lets run with the fox and light fires around fields, lets kiss inside an igloo, that melted outside. When did they forget that they were young? I remember the time we ran from the bears claw. Rip open the sunset sky like a tin can, and swing on the wings of a divinity fish. I hear the wolves calling for blood. They say the souls of lovers are in the trees, and they whisper to each other in the breeze.
There are lovers dying in the amazon.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bets On Dizzy Spell...

She was cultured, she was lean,
She was born from, the blood of Queens,
The night was young, she wouldn't sleep,
With legs so long, her thighs slept with me,
The tangled feet, in lovers sheets,
With fingers linked, you, lover, think,
You will last forever, in a dream,
Of romance and drama, only few achieve,
What they're saying, 'bout the day you died,
Was that you cared too much to hide,
All the stolen childrens memories,
In canvas bags, and leather chests,
So now the birds pecked, at our dead friends,
And you weren't there to stop them.