Friday, April 3, 2009

Beauty Magnitude...

Mother nature, the ageless beauty,
Who does not wither, who does not whine,
How does it feel to have no sense of time?
I lay here with wonder, in rain I ponder,
Do I sense frustration in the thunder?
And shiny anger flexed from the lightning bow?
For what is the purpose? I do not know,
You strike the trees & split your children,
Your water drowns the land,
Gushing from the mouths of Gods,
I do not curse your wisdom, for it is what's best,
But you never sleep, you never rest,
You're infinite like the universe,
A creator and destroyer in an endless moment,
Your instinct is strong & power great,
Do you alone control this worlds' fate?
Working in perfect unison with the Sun & Moon,
Your Mother & Father, do they meet at noon?
In contrast so far apart, but like perfect balance,
They meet in the middle.

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