Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm not good at biting my tongue, I bite hard but not hard enough to cut it in half. I really need to work on that. Give me some practice? My eyes are getting tired. I have no calculations on paper. There are no myths, or fables, or fancy heroics, or love, or lust, or death, or birth, or forests, or wild cats, or poetry, or truth, or folklore, or sketches of sweethearts and beasts here. This is a story in my mind, with infinite pages. I cannot bare to wander through tall and heavy letters on one side, and not continue to the next, but this will be never ending. Maybe I'll get lost like counting sheep and then my body will let me sleep. Maybe my astrology is right and Dragons will have problems with insomnia this year. I have tiny snakes moving around inside of my head. LET'S HISS LIKE DIAMOND BACKS. Or a rattlesnake rattling my skull, rattling my bones, its fangs in my jaw.
I'm sinking in a Sanskrit sandpit, I have a hunger for history at the moment. Tell me long forgotten things. Tell me things from long before electricity, long before cars, long before Ghandi was assassinated, long before Columbus thought he was in India, long before Tem├╝jin was Kahn. Tell me it all, lets start at the beginning. I need to go backwards to go forwards. The more I learn about before my birth the more I understand everything around me.

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