Monday, November 30, 2009


Take your baggage away from me, take your thoughts to some other dream fiend. I am not your friend, we were lovers and now it ends. You should've come over, when it rained on me. Selfishness won't get you what you need, and what you want is confused. A tiny actress pretending to be, something from a story book from across the sea. From long ago, and now the long will be lonely. Play the part you're good at, and we'll pretend you are amazing. Separation is divine, when it's evident sometimes. Letting go can be easier than experience tells you. Left to your own devise, self-obliterating, imploding on your own shadow. If these walls could talk, we'd converse about delusion and desperation. I have a conscience, but this is beyond myself. I am not your keeper. With your mind so preoccupied, what is fact and what is fiction? Your Mother came to my Mother, and to her Mother, in a dream. There is no place good for you, when the next imposition cradles your head, don't let it go. There is no place good for me, when you live within its boundaries. Hang me out, hanging out. Operation greyhound, mountains, fields, farms, pubs, bars, guitars, territories & borders begin. Let it ride on my mind. Let me ride on the line. Let it now begin. Now I want to change my name.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sun Sets On Battle Fields...

I don't want to severe all the ties, to your mind. I'm not the same in your eyes, I'm not the same in mine. General assume control. Here goes one last push which the brave know will end in disaster. I am my own creator, and I am my own demise. I am the undermining of myself.
The little box of dust, that houses the man that half created me, is the only thing that's certain. At least I know he's not going anywhere. I am the reason he never came home.