Friday, September 24, 2010


You look the way I'd want to kill,
Elegant and beautiful.

The Chemical Reaction For Fuck Up...

Worst yet, my timing is worst at best!

Must Be A Devil Between Us...

The night sky cats eye.

When we were kids we thought we could change the world.
Now that we're older, we find the world changed us.

Here Comes Your Sun...

I launch my arsenal of lyrical artillery,
I'm a display of audiovisual ambitionry,
To provide the image and the words,
From a never ending dictionary.

Quiet Breeze Of Innocence...

The days of then, when we were young.
We carved our names in trees, and sang simple songs.
As time seemed slow, the night rolled on,
Seasons changed.
I thought that holding hands was going steady,
In the quiet breeze of innocence.

Once Or Twice...

You stretched out like you were a cat, in 1953,
I'm glad that you gave life to me, when you were 33.
Every minute I'm alive, the resting are trying,
To pull me closer to dying.
Grandfather I'm there when you fall over,
There's no music in the other room,
But there can be for you.
Yes I'm just a gentleman, and your hands are cold.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner...

So hey, your daughter's growing older,
She's not a little princess, she'll be a woman soon.
Independent like the weather,
living near sand with the ocean inside her.
Her dreams make you nostalgic, and nervous.
Your instincts are stronger, but she'll surprise you.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wake Up!...

It was just one of those mornings, where I couldn't get out of my dream.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

International Air...

In transit. In transition. Miles from you.
I am over your head.
I miss you like the big moon.
I threw away your tax, with my cigarettes,
I quit feeding the machine.

Mister winged thing, you smelt the blood of your brother.

So opulent and decadent, a Middle Eastern jewel,
It wears a mask while its people starve.
Imitating the 'Western Dream', I feel sorry for you.
All is not as it seems. Halloween sees beauty but only for a day.

I met a camel called Michael Jackson,
We walked through history backwards,
I wish someone built me from the inside out.
The sun shone like it wasn't the only one,
Over the sand and down the street,
We fed the cats that couldn't relax,
Around our feet.

The shortest sigh for your sake.
It's hard to hold hands with thin air.

Chest and mind expanding,
With priority, they clear the landing.
You get no comfort from your ghosts,
Kill them all, what stalks you like beasts.

Save the scalps.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Rearrange the sane to become strange.
What you create- it 'is' what it is, and what it 'isn't' doesn't matter.
Illustrate through the subconscious.
The manifestation of thought, at that particular moment.
The fingerprint in youth, the fingerprint in adulthood; they are the same but found in different places.
Shed your skin and morph, shed your skin and grow tall son.
Take off your shirt and paint a landscape on your chest.
Smile Buddha on my belly.
What it means to be a man, is not what it used to be.
Take dreams and create a montage, create a dynastic union with the things you love,
create a life in a life not lived.
Sew your lips and speak with your mind and your hands.
Speak through music while your ears work.
Pretend you have the ears of a silver fox in golden fields, jumping sapphire streams.
Breathe ink like it was fire, and spray the walls with your thoughts.
Paint the haters with the anger, paint your lovers with the desire, paint the world with the 'Fuck You' it deserves, and then carve your name beside something ancient.
Stare at the sun and through it.
Burn a trail through the stars with your stare.
Show your little cousin the things she'll soon learn.
Wish that you had a sister.
Make the biggest mistake of your life the biggest turning point, like you learnt something from the Gods and it's your own secret.
Undo buttons don't choke yourself.
The diamonds in her crown were stolen from statues and kings.
Mountains are the spines of sleeping giants, face the back of your house towards them, and you are safe.
Use pyramids to sharpen razor blades.
Water is the carrier of the soul, listen to rain.
Cherish a Father.
Call your Grandfather Chief, Grandmother Aiyana, and your Mother Awenasa.
Look at the moon and wonder how many other people are looking at it too.
Wonder if they are thinking, what you are thinking.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pir Nav Elkniw...

A mustard pony that grew up to be Dijon Originale, the best.
A marmalade lion that was king of it's pride, in the jam lands.