Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Exist? Really?...

The difference between Right and Wrong is yourself, and the world is only really what it is to your own eyes. Every revolution is an example of people physically and mentally realising their deepest knowing of what is Right and what is Wrong, each and every one of us have this ability. For those saying "oh yes, but revolutions are violent, and violence is wrong"... With complicated subjects there are always some sort of contradiction, but I agree that violence is not 'Right' in the traditional sense BUT if you have a country with a powerful military force obliterating another that cannot defend itself you cannot expect them to do nothing, to not fight for their Right of freedom, all be it if all other avenues have failed. It is the world we live in, the world we have created, which may make some more sense soon.
Yet we have become accusmtomed to disappointment, to the less-than-average, to mediocrity, we just shrug it off with a "there's nothing I can do" "oh well next time it will be better" attitude.
This world needs one small change- to Love, for Love always wins. It takes much more energy to harbour fear and hate, it will drain you like a sponge through a keyhole. The wildest tiger doesn't hate, it just is what it is. But we have the power of thought and free will, and in the reality of our ultimate existence no law can imprison us from what we already know, what is engrained in each and every one of us - that our creation of the world is exactly that, just a creation. It is not what life really is!
The propoganda of power. We are all chained of mind, prisoners of a New World fiction. The people in suits and ties, chasing the big house the new car, the money, the new gadgets, they have forgotten what it truly means..to exist. To truly exist is to be truly free. But how do we become truly free in this overbearing world we have built around our worst ideas, our greediest ambitions? It takes just one domino to knock down thousands, every individual making one change, one ultimate decision, and we could be free.
We have enslaved ourselves, we are all slaves. Even the people whom make the law, make the rules, make the money are slaves, slaves to their own false reality, their own false meaning of life and of fulfillment. They think they control the fools, when they themselves are the fools. You will decay while your house remains, the worms of death do not discriminate!
Are you scared to realise we are not free? That you won't die Martin Smith, CEO with an 8 digit bank account and a beautiful wife, but die a SLAVE of the world?

Are you scared? ... You should be

*The name I have used does not represent a particular person in mind, if there is a similarity it is purely coincidential.

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  1. Love to money equals love to fear, to self-destruction.
    But I think, that our parents have kind of enslaved us, not we did. They teached us about that world, how he works and stuff. They have told us that we have to study, we have to work, we need money. They transmitted their vision of world to us, not teaching us the basic thing - to question anything, this world, authorities, faith, knowledge.
    And it's a bit sad, because no matter if I'm reach, greedy and let's say blind or righteous and open-minded, all in all our fate here is the same. And we will never know if there's anything more than this world.