Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Commonwealth Sister, Unfamiliar...

Why are you afraid of beards?
Maybe I'm hiding knives in my pubes
maybe there's grenades in my armpits
maybe there's a gun in my mustache!
Friendly well worn round rocks are the only friends to undersoles
of brown boots on Vancouver salt water channels
and I'm afraid of heights on suspension bridge

Maple leaves grow on buildings

East Hastings holds natives hostage homeless and unemployed
selling and scoring discussing methodone
Police by head shops on somewhat of a patrol
The God of green blesses B.C mountain altars
Holy Kush!
Long live nirvana inducing seed purchasing and glaucoma
Bless the Jafars and their beauty gene
also the little Jewish boy that ran through the lobby

They linger with red scarves

Traipsing through wallpaper tunnels of urban city jungle retreats
for temporary no home-world lusting-global minded-experience
the chameleons and thieves of identities in places no one knows their names
And this month I became one
Relentless unmasked totalitarian individualism
A serial killer of cool sinking to the bottom of Okanagan pints
and brutal violent archetypes as entertainment

A ghost, though Hubble telescope makes me microscopic
Feeling alive, early mornings at forty thousand feet do it

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