Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunsets Lately...

A sudden, heavy, undeniable, inescapable, confrontational truth has dawned on me... 
My monotony has become me. I've lost all of my direction, and for the first time in my entire life I feel completely lost.

What the fuck am I doing with my life?


  1. Find some direction and sacrifice for that. Don't just take, try to give.
    That's what I did. I have a vision of my life in some future, and when I have to make some important decision, I always think if it's connected with that vision. Will it make me closer?
    I don't know if it's good, or if it's stole my eyes. I just believe in that. I need to have everything orderly and static. That's what I've learned when I was lost.
    I don't know how about you, but music is my desire. Rverytime I think something is wrong, I find respect and kind of understanding through music. That's my god, my shelter. No matter how ridiculous it seems to be, but I change so much because of the music.
    I'm curious, do you play in a band?

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. There is no take without give, I feel I give as much as I take.
    Yeah my refuge is music too but I'm stuck in a hole I can't get out of, music can always change my moods but my head is too confused to lately, even if it changes my outlook and brightens me up "What the fuck am I doing with my life?" is still looming large. There's too much going on upstairs. I'm going to the USA for a month in a couple weeks so I'll use that time to relax, just enjoy life, and hopefully when I get back I'll be in the right mindset to put positive energy in motion.
    Na I don't play in a band, but I jam with some friends every couple weeks which is great. When I get back from the US I'm gonna treat myself to an electric and some gear and I'll start getting right back into it and hopefully one day be in a band, even if it's just for fun.