Sunday, February 6, 2011

Down Without An Elevator...

The rains came like millions of tiny water bombs
Hammering my home from war hungry clouds
And lightning bolts from war of the worlds
Or some Greek myth
Disrupting my crude and futile relaxation techniques
Feeding my anxiety like kerosene soaked saw dust
Promising today, was going to be a strange day
Flooded roads and wetland rapids chasing birds away
Street light power outage, furious accelerators with
Southern Cross windows and singlets behind wheels
I was diggin Suicide Blues with a Surya cigarette
Indonesia's finest cloves and cancer
Window down in traffic with my navy and cream v-neck
Wishing I was already in Kingsbury to plug the Cube
and communicate with Roland
There was commotion underneath the bypass
A blue policeman with blue vest
admiring brand new death
Why did you leap to greet asphalt? A lazy ragdoll on the single lines
A pocketful of desperation, you never got the right amount of change
Shocking static physicality, a body without spirit
That's to say I didn't see it
Did you arrive at hope? The fictional refuge of lost souls
that know there's nothing left but luck
so they give it a label
Had luck not found you just yet?
What if your knees buckled and you fell backwards
to the other side of the barricade
Instead of to the Other Side, of this crazy birdcage?
Would you have tried a little harder?
Somewhere a mother has lost a son
Maybe some kids will never get a father back
It never gets so bad, but it could never get worse than that
Did you leave the house on a mission?
Today your mission was to die
Maybe it was pre-meditated, and you meditated on it too much
With your mentality darkened you were already gone
Did you really think you'd never miss a thing?
Why couldn't you hold on to being human
and what it's all about?

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  1. hey luke
    im digging yer stuff
    fucking very very very good my man