Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yellow Brick Road...

here's to a clean slate, a new beginning
although it's not really
for time doesn't exist
the concept of days, months, years.. is imagined
therefore this is just one moment
slow motion
but I'll go with it...
so here I am in this New Year
trying to kick cigarettes
but I just can't help thinking
that there's plenty of time to not smoke.. when I'm dead
and this is the year of the Dragon
it's been 24 years since the Dragon graced my birth
this seems significant, everything is even numbers, I'm a little concerned
either this year I dry up, or I finally realise my worth
in April, my favourite name for a month, I am heading West
for weird scenes inside the goldmines
for gospel under evergreens
my time has come, to be a dharma bum
I'm going to find myself, you know, it's all spiritual stuff
I am not living to be owned
I'm gonna have my kicks for 6 months or so
I'm looking for something but I'm not sure what
I figured it'd come to me but my patience is wearing thin
even though I got plenty of it
let's hope that from the South East to the North West I find something
and get this rock a'rollin!

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