Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ah Inferno, Argh To Hell With It (reformation)...

to the furnace toil, tender faceless
Ah inferno, I must confess
your purpose is simple
yet your peon obsess!
whilst through your roof
death absconds
to jaunt upon thou midnight horse
the doctors of earthern nightmares!
O maggot brain insane
O marrow worm refrain
lusting for your bone
lusting for your pain!
gallop silent with elbows unfurled
pointing North a scorcerer sceptre
petrified snake from Africa
mountains groan and rivers converge
only slightly disturbed is the universe
releasing quaking steaming
secret sovereign silver battery
in the blood orange glow of the armory
all the slaves of abortion anvils
slaving steel for shields and swords
the scalpels of evil sugeons!
who do not sleep, who do not rest
like machine or gear or morlock
now comes the crimson fog
cursed snakes in eyes of midnight dogs
earthquake paws
claws as sharp as persian swords
reborn rabid damned and
large as lords roaming sore
old as dust and kingdom come
where earth gets hot they sleep no more!