Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Private Theatre, Comic and Tragic...

a gentle cheek moored to thee, vertically denied from the opposite side of the balustrade
looking on from a perch of nested velvet, at those whom balled and danced
stairs seemed to lead us running in hands, with no backward look
to satisfy the allure of what will be no more
in a great migration of footsteps, swishing softly in pattern past lace of another decade
motion twirling clockwise like a levitating dervish repeated fast-forwarded to this decade
in the warm glow of memories stored, unlocked for this moment no minds lost in ether
to launch into days loved in abundance
the deep valley of the soul
where no sin yet tear you from thine cheek
the fortune of two ever lost in a gaze
through the zodiac with great spirit
through many movements of moon
and planetary arrangements

wake up !
I brought you to me in the secret coma of subconscious
behind the warden eyelids and back before the daylight guards arrived
though tingling knuckles from clasping prevails

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