Monday, July 18, 2011


the new Buddha of this century
comes straight from the factory
modified and customised
from 1970 sci-fi scenes
hulas halos around his hips
a saucer on his head
a teacup in his lips
birds claw at tin roof dawn
swoop and swoon
A-frames become V-shaped tear aways
naked under my monday
wonder if today's the 'one day' you spoke of
maybe it was sunday, or another someday
sideburns frame cheek stones
I'm sorry mother
for nearly breaking your bones
my feet are waging war with the sheets
winters repeat
the world as a 12 pillar sphere
every rain drop - a lifetime
every moment - a lifeline
to everything known to the heavens
and not to earth
glimpses of virtues to Virgo
there to, goes stares thrown
like stars owed to the sky
oh the virgins of vertigo
look at the freedoms stolen by men
who don't dream!
I had to kill 2 birds with one stone
when I brought the shotgun home
this morning the hills are grandfather beards

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