Saturday, January 22, 2011

I Just Read Your Mind, Now I Regret It...

We're all together in this dream,
                              we just wake up at different times.


  1. Hehe like that. But what if it's only Your dream, You are the only dreamer and everything around is just the figures in Your dream dependent on You? This thought makes me wonder nowadays...

  2. If that's the case you could say that every person you meet in Your 'dream' is a projection of something You subconsciously want/need?
    Just got to enjoy the time spent dreaming then I guess.
    What if you're not even dreaming and you're just a character in someone else's dream?
    Thanks for your comment I enjoyed it!

  3. Yes, it might be someone who has to show you something, in the sense of to teach you something, or someone you want, someone you fear. A personification of your needs, fears and trials.
    Another possibility which is easier to absorb is that each of us have his own universe. It's like the world is not a one big dream, but each of us has his own one.

    You know, it's two theories.
    In the first one, you are the only consciousness and everything are the things that at the beginning of your existance slaved you by inculcating to you that this is all real. And then, after you open your eyes, all these things suddenly tries to show you that only you are real and world is only a projection, and the people are programmed cyborgs. If you look more carefull, you'll see that some of them has a massage for you. If you can try to look at this from that perspective, you'll realize that it can make sense and things doesn't happen accidently.
    The second theory says that all humans are individual consciousness (le't skip the animals). We have that kind of circle mark around us which is the size and capacity own our consciousness. And these circles might influence each other.
    It's so difficult to describe that kind of an aspects of transcendence. It's the best way I can do.

    Anyway, there is a problem in both theories, what is Déjà vu then?

    We'll have our answears when we die.

  4. Yeah we could all be our own universe, our own Gods- We can become what we think and maybe we create everything we experience.
    I'm not sure what I believe in concerning all that. I lean towards fate- things happening for a reason without control, that you're here on a certain level to learn and then move up to the next. But at the same time I feel like you draw things to you depending on your state of mind. Lots to think about!

    Talking about dreaming and perception, have you ever thought to yourself "how do I know what someone else is really seeing? is this colour blue the EXACT same as what that person is seeing? HOW does this person actually feel?" etc etc.?